Childcare Nutrition

Mealtimes at Treasure Island Childcare and Abacus Creche are about much more than food. Because we also use these sometimes messy occasions to educate the children about healthy eating habits and social skills. 

Our caregivers join the children during meals to discuss and demonstrate the importance of good nutrition and table manners in a relaxed and natural way.

Food Adventure

We encourage a sense of adventure when it comes to food. And that means introducing the children to new and exciting tastes and textures – even broccoli!  Which is why all levels of the food pyramid inspire our varied menu and every meal we serve is freshly cooked in our kitchens each day.

Tasty and Flavoursome

So you can be certain that your child will always get tasty, flavoursome food packed with the vitamins and minerals they need for a healthy mind and body. We are also more than happy to accommodate your child if he or she has any special dietary requirements.

Our trained staff prepare all meals in HSE-approved kitchens compliant with the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points food management system. 

Our Menus

Menu 1

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Menu 2

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Menu 3

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Menu 4

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