Come & See for Yourself! Call us and arrange a visit on 089 254 8537

Come & See for Yourself! Call us and arrange a visit on 089 254 8537

Come & See for Yourself! Call us and arrange a visit on 089 254 8537

Babies & Wobblers Childcare

The tailor-made nurseries and rooms for babies and wobblers are peaceful places of fun, learning and discovery for tiny tykes between 6 and 24 months. Our baby and wobbler services are available at our four childcare facilities in Oranmore and Doughiska.

Babies (6-14 months)

We understand how challenging it is to entrust the care of your baby to someone you’ve just met – especially if you’re a first-time parent. And that’s why we have an established support structure to help you and your little one with this emotional transition.

We will work with you to create a routine that matches your baby’s daytime schedule so they will have home comforts in their new surroundings. You’ll also receive daily progress reports as your child settles in, and you can always talk to the carers looking after them.

But this is also a period of excitement, exploration and education. And your precious tot will make friends, develop their fine motor skills and stimulate all five senses through carefully crafted games and activities. Each of our four locations feature safe and spacious outdoor playgrounds, so fresh air is always on the menu.

As are the nutritious meals cooked in our kitchens every day, and we’re happy to cater to any special dietary requirements your child has. And when naps are needed, we check the children every 10 minutes during their well-earned snoozes in our climate-controlled sleeping spaces.

Wobblers (15-24 months)

Once your bundle of joy is somewhat steady on their feet, they can wobble their way to, well, the wobbler room. And every day in our wobbler wonderland is a chance for the children to follow their curiosity and discover new sights, sounds, shapes, smells, and sensations.

Inspired by the Aistear curriculum, the kids’ early learning itinerary includes stories, music, movement, arts and crafts, constructive play, and outdoor adventure. All of our group activities are designed to gently foster your child’s coordination, speech, social skills, creativity, and personal independence.

Furthermore, our experienced childcare professionals will take the time to truly know your child as an individual and create a bond that will continue long after they’ve graduated from the wobbler room.