(24-36 months)

All of a sudden, before you know it, your baby will be ready for the playschool. It’s during this stage, when children are remarkably receptive to new information, that we help them to develop skills that will last a lifetime.

Each day in playschool is segmented into set periods of learning, play, rest, and mealtimes. And so, your child will benefit from a strong sense of structure and routine as they grow physically, emotionally and intellectually. This stable setting enables us to assist you with your little one’s toilet training.

Our educational activities empower the children to cultivate their problem-solving, reasoning and concentration, and they will learn to recognise and articulate letters, words, colours, and shapes. And that means lots of stories, word games, jigsaws, arts and crafts, and constructive play.

Your child will also expand their imagination, creativity and social skills through role-pay, dress-up and music with their carers and classmates. We like to get messy on occasion, so we encourage the children to explore natural materials but also fine-tune their sense of touch on our various tactile surfaces.

Playschool services are available at our three Treasure Island Childcare Centres.