Childpaths Educational Software

At Treasure Island Childcare Centres & Abacus Creche, we use the Child Paths Childcare Software to update our parents and keep them informed of their child’s daily activities and overall development.

Child Paths is a mobile and web app that allows childcare practitioners to capture, store and communicate information to parents. It allows ourselves and parents to monitor and interact with the child’s progress at Treasure Island & Abacus Creche.

The Child Paths App gives parents real-time peace of mind and updates them continually throughout the day, so you can be more involved in your child’s learning and development.

The app includes tools that identifies and tracks key milestones in a child’s life and creates individualised action plans. Our teachers can upload and share their curriculum plan and their daily observations of your child’s progress. The app also tracks daily updates such as attendance, food, medicine, activities, nappy changing, sleeping and much more.

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