Preschool (3-5 years)

Enrolling your child in preschool will give them the best possible head start before going to big school. Because the preschool experience will provide your little scholar with a play-based introduction to reading, writing, maths, and science. This structured environment promotes other crucial life skills such as concentration and cooperation.

Incorporating both years of preschool, our curriculum follows the Aistear framework and includes aspects of the Montessori method. The program allows children to learn at their own pace through challenging but play-based activities. And while your child will get used to sitting at a desk, our carers will also encourage their adventurous side when the classroom moves to our outdoor play areas.

We will monitor your child’s progress throughout the year and update you on their development as they get ready for primary school.  Our preschool services are available at all four of our childcare facilities across Galway, and you can check if your child is eligible for the ECCE Scheme on our parental support page.